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I can relate to what you’re feeling because I’ve been there, too – as I describe in this excerpt from my book, The Final Farewell: One Christmas Eve my beloved cockapoo, Muffin, went off hunting for rabbits and was gone for four long days. The feelings associated with this sort of pet loss are the same as if your dog had died, such as sorrow, longing, denial, anger and guilt.It was the saddest and most painful holiday I had ever known. But this grief is also complicated by your own need to keep hope alive, which constantly interrupts or delays the process and makes it far more difficult to resolve. In circumstances such as these, it’s important to know that putting a careful recovery plan in place could make a significant difference, especially early on.

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Please don’t underestimate how difficult this kind of ambiguous loss can be.

It is a different sort of grief, but it is grief nonetheless, and you ought not to feel as if you have to endure it all alone.

You’ll find many of them listed on my site’s Missing Pets page, including our online Loss of a Pet forum.

Some people whose animals have gone missing have also chosen to use the services of an animal communicator, in an effort to locate or communicate with their lost pets.

If you need to search a larger area, use a bicycle.

If you go by car, ask someone else to drive so you can focus on watching for and calling your animal.If you're interested in pursuing this or learning more about it, you might want to visit some of the sites listed on my Animal Communicators page.Only you can determine how long you’re willing and able to keep hope alive, but I believe that information is powerful in these situations.NEWS TIPS: Call 916-374-1301; toll-free: 1-800-374-TV13 (8813) or email [email protected] Quick Links CBS13 News Coverage CBS13 News Social Media CBS13 Anchors & Reporters Call Kurtis Investigations Contact Kurtis Send Your Weather & News Photos […]The San Francisco 49ers have a four-game winning streak, and they have a chance to make it five straight to close out the 2017 regular season on Sunday in Los Angeles against the division-rival Rams.· Determine what can be done to prevent such a loss of other animals in the future and take steps to make it happen.