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The idea proved so popular it spawned spinoff groups, including 100 Men Who Care, 100 Kids Who Care and 100 People Who Care.

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"Women told us they were so happy after the first meeting because they were tired of being solicited all the time and this was an easy way to do some good," Donovan said. 11, they added more than two dozen members, for a total of 103 women.Albany is the newest of more than 350 chapters nationwide, including four others across New York, from Buffalo to New York City. The Albany group launched a Facebook page (100 Women Who Care Albany) and a website ( Despite its name, they will continue to accept new members well beyond 100. "I'm a crier and I cried at the end of our first meeting." New members who came to last week's meeting said they heard about the group from friends or around town.Three of the founders of the Albany Chapter Sandra Alinger, Peg Donovan and Jeri Bosman during a meeting of 100 Women Who Care, Albany chapter at Delmar Reformed Church on Thursday Aug. Three charities are pitched by members at each meeting. She heard about 100 Women Who Care while visiting a friend in South Carolina and decided to transport the concept north. Here are the basic rules: Four one-hour meetings a year. "The beauty of it is that it's so simple," said Jeri Bosman, of Delmar, one of the founders of the local chapter.They are looking for friendship, learn different cultures, real love or relationship with foreigners.

We love to assist people success in their love stories. If you are single and want to meet someone special for you. We guarantee quality We provide 4 languages to support members. more Delmar These busy women have a strong desire to donate to charity, as long as it's quick and hassle-free.The retired registered nurse recruited two women friends from Delmar who were in the same book club: Peg Donovan and Sandra Alinger, both retired schoolteachers.One woman said she got interested after she struck up a conversation with a woman working out on a stationary bike next to hers at a local YMCA."I decided to join a good cause," said Corrine Falope, who heard about the group in a doctor's office waiting room when she chatted with a woman as she knitted.The 100 Women Who Care was begun in 2006 by Karen Dunigan, former mayor of Jackson, Mich., and a real estate agent.