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About 70,000 people cheer from the grandstands, with tourists paying from US0 to US,000 to watch the spectacle.

At the same time, in Rio and the rest of the south the humidity is nasty.

Summer is also the most festive time of year, as Brazilians escape their apartments and take to the beaches and streets.

Deluxe buses are sometimes very comfortable, but obviously pricier.

The cost of bus travel can however really add up and a hire car is an option if you have the money or are in a group. Many companies offer difference classes on longer routes, but the distances just go on forever!

All guides/books are described here in more detail.

During summer (December-February) many Brazilians take holiday's, making travel both difficult and expensive.

About 100 dolls 3.6-meter tall, some dating as far back as 1932, are unique to the Saturday parade in Olinda.

Rio: Takes place along a 700-meter runway, also know as Sambódromo, an open-air stadium built 21 years ago to house the two-day extravaganza that dates back to 1932.

School holidays begin in mid-December and go through to Carnival, usually held in late February (the weekend and days before Ash Wednesday).

Land: Economy buses are okay value and are usually reasonably comfortable.

Getting to Patagonia is somewhat problematic, as there is no direct road link. A flight is the easiest solution and not too costly if done with a budget carrier rather than LAN Chile.