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It's part of Tony's near obsession with rewriting his legacy.

Earnings that, it seems, will soar to new heights if the ambitious Mr Blair has his way.Just last month he took the unusual step of registering Oxford-educated Mr Labovitch, who runs Blair's Firerush Ventures Limited, and three other of his senior staff members with the Financial Services Authority. We will tell you what you need in a relationship, where you screwed up (without knowing it) in past relationships and a customized action plan to make your next relationship successful.As someone who has come to expect the finer things in life, Tony Blair has rather taken to the unashamedly decadent delights of Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace hotel.In his autobiography, published last week, Mr Blair disclosed that he employs an impressive 130 people in his burgeoning organisation.

Somewhat astonishingly, perhaps, the size of his team dwarfs that of his successor as PM, David Cameron.

It's as if he can't let go.' A psychologist would, no doubt, have a field day.

But it does rather beg the question: Who are all these employees and what exactly do they do for Mr Blair? Two years ago when his staff totalled a more manageable 25, Mr Blair complained: 'I have got to earn £5 million a year to pay the wages.' By that reckoning, his latest wage bill would be closer to £26 million, though the true figure is substantially lower because many of the more recent recruits to Tony Blair Associates are younger and lower paid.

Decorated in several tons of gold leaf and acres of white marble, the seven-star, £2 billion establishment has everything the wealthy international man on the move could wish for.

Its proud owners have recently announced the acquisition of the world's first gold bar vending machine, so its filthy rich guests can stock up on bullion, the way mere mortals might buy a Kit Kat.

Nonetheless, the growing size of his organisation gives an indication of just how much money Mr Blair - whose personal wealth has been estimated as anywhere from £20 million to £60 million - is capable of generating.