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“No poor and working class student must be partially funded‚” he wrote at the time.

Masutha wrote that the final report of the presidential commission on higher education funding must come up with an “inclusive and comprehensive higher education funding model for all undergraduate students”.

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If Masutha’s plan is adopted‚ it could be an instant trigger for a credit downgrade to junk status by ratings agencies.

But sources say Zuma has disregarded the national treasury and the Heher Commission’s findings‚ and believes that his future son-in-law has found a solution to the higher education crisis.Us Weekly confirmed Bauer and Loudon's romance in July after they attended the "Magic in the Moonlight" premiere together.At the time, Loudon's mother, Gina Gentry Loudon, wrote a candid blog post about her daughter's relationship with Bauer for World Net Daily.“I think you might want to get input from those respective departments (presidency‚ higher education‚ and national treasury) … The department of higher education was not immediately available for comment.Masutha‚ who has apparently acted as Zuma’s “point man” on the fees issue‚ has made presentations to ANC officials and an inter-ministerial cabinet committee on his self-devised funding plan‚ which essentially revises the national treasury’s entire budget.Earlier this year‚ Masutha opined that free university education would come with an estimated cost to the state of between R6.5 billion and R7.5 billion.