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Luis and Anouk take a trip to the hills high above La Paz to check out what must be the world's biggest open-air flea market.

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He bends her over a small table in the living room, removes his belt, and thwacks her hard with it several times. This is the first indication we get that the brutality is getting Anouk off.

The force of the blows is enough to elicit loud groans and make her say "Shit! Since Anouk is French, Luis decides to give her a temporary job at his business doing translation work.

Geoff, on the other hand, has been married, had two children, and divorced during the same time.

Later, Luis tells Anouk that he is not satisfied with her child-like appearance (blue jeans and ponytail); her problem is she refuses to grow up.

From the beginning, Luis demonstrates that he is a man of few words and he expects to be in control. Luis does not bark orders or raise his voice when he speaks.

After the couple briefly exchange pleasantries Luis says, "Shall we go? He simply makes statements, and anticipates that Anouk will do as he wishes.

Sirwinakuy involved a woman "shacking up" with a man who "kidnapped" her as a method of trying out a living arrangement before the formalities of marriage took place. Some trace elements of Sirwinakuy survived to the present.

This modern-day story centers on the adventures of Anouk (Veronica Paintoux) and Luis (Jac Avila), who meet by chance at a small cafe in La Paz, Bolivia. He begins to round up some items of her clothing that are strewn around and puts them in her bag.

To test it, he pulls Anouk's hand out, palm up, and thwacks her. When they get home, Luis begins playfully swatting at Anouk with the whip.

But she'll have none of it, and tries to take evasive action.

"Vero", as Margot refers to her, has not been a topic of discussion on this board as frequently as Amy and Mila, but I aim to correct that. This flick is quite different from the usual fare we've come to expect from this company, but besides offering plenty of Vero, it also provided a hint of Amy's directorial style, particularly the surprise ending (at least, it was a surprise to me). Once again my thanks to Lady Amy Hesketh and Ralphus for their assistance and patience.