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Outside London, ITV1 London with audio description FTA, Channel 4 London with audio description FTA. These channels are not in the EPG in Ireland, but can be manually tuned in.

If you use them in your projects, free software, or web designs remember to give due credit to the Authors. Released under the GNU licence, included with download. Many rare and out-of-print card sets have been restored by Pysols Author and T. (Copyright (C) 1997 John Fitzgibbon Copyright (C) 1997 Jochen Tuchbreiter Copyright (C) 1998 Markus F. The cards echo Pamela Smiths (Rider-Waite) depictions for the Major Arcana.

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Each region shown below is not available in the geographic region - as it is 101 instead.~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ "The PDF file can be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper if you use the right print settings.From Adobe Reader, set it like this: Page Scaling: None Auto-Rotate and Center: Off (no check in box).This will give you the first page (the single-page cover) and the left half of each of the other pages.Then, in the main Adobe Reader screen, click on Rotate Clockwise two times to make the images up-side down. "Free for fun.." Most (if not all) of the images have been derived from royalty-free, royalty- free used-with-permission, personal, and web-found images. Regarded by many to embody the Western Mystery Tradition, this is a black & white deck.Variously described as a 'humanistic deck' or a 'cosomological deck' and even an 'astrological deck', it has five sets of ten cards.