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Enjoying it all: “If it’s possible for accounting to be fun, business management is the answer.

I once did the audit thing and it’s boring as heck.” Partner, Grant, Tani, Barash & Altman Barash sees the client relationship as a two-way education process.

That lets clients visualize “concrete goals and plans,” she adds.Der Parseghian handles management chores including data security, and also represents actors, writers, directors, and comedians.Strange request: “I had a client who believed that Fanta in Canada had less sugar than Fanta in the U. So I helped the client get cases of Fanta from Canada delivered.” Partner, Savitsky, Satin & Bacon Because pro basketball and baseball players get big signing bonuses, Bucci says that they face important financial decisions very early in their careers.Business managers have to “make sure they don’t fall into the pitfall of making bad investments at the suggestions of friends and family,” he adds.At the same time, those shopping for business managers have become more cautious after hearing of recent financial scandals.

His clients include athletes, actors, directors, writers, producers, executives, and composers.

Outed on social media: “I have a writer-producer client on a comedy show with whom I had an intense conversation on her personal spending habits. She said we were the ones who made her ‘return things that are pretty.’ It was quite funny.” Founding Partner, Dunn & Pariser The business management industry struggles in recruiting because many accountants simply want to crunch numbers in isolation, Dunn says .

The sector requires people-communications skills “to put information into a business application and then feed it back to clients so they can understand it.” Besides accounting skills, business managers are also confidantes and strategic business advisors, he adds.

His clients are music artists, songwriters, composers, EDM artists, athletes, directors, producers, actors, writers, digital artists, and entertainment execs. I still hold those small-town values to relate to well-known personalities in the entertainment industry. New York-based Bell’s clients include writers and directors such as Steven Soderbergh, Cary Fukunaga, and Gavin O’Connor (“The Americans”) – as well as actor-producer Frank Grillo, TV hosts Bill O’Reilly and Lara Spencer, WPLJ radio drive-time host Jayde Donovan, and aviation journalist Richard Quest.

Values: I grew up in small town in Iowa and came to L. Advice to someone who walks in the door, produces a winning 0 million lottery ticket, and asks, “What should I do next?

They’re probably spending money on things that don’t provide them a lot of joy.