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They can include dogs for people with epilepsy or mobility impairments or other disabilities.Also, the ADA provides greater protection for individuals with disabilities and takes priority over local or state laws or regulations.State law protects dogs being used, or in training to be used, for people who are blind, deaf or physically handicapped.

For example, a hotel may charge a guest with a disability for the cost of repairing or cleaning furniture by a service animal if it is the hotel's policy to charge when non-disabled guests cause such damage.However, a hotel cannot impose a general “pet fee” for service animals.Discrimination by a business against persons with disabilities is also a violation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, G. The animal does not have to be licensed or certified as a service animal.Reasonable accommodation is required for miniature horses as well; however, a business is allowed to consider the horse’s size, and how well it is controlled."Seeing eye dogs" for example, that assist individuals who are blind are a common type of service animal.

But there are service animals that assist persons with other kinds of disabilities in their day-to-day activities.Q: How can I tell if an animal is really a service animal and not just a pet?A: Some, but not all, service animals wear special collars and harnesses.Q: Am I responsible for the animal while the person with a disability is in my business? The care and supervision of a service animal is solely the responsibility of his or her owner.You are not required to provide care, food or a special location for the animal.Q: Can I charge maintenance or cleaning fee for customers who bring service animals into my business? Businesses cannot impose a deposit or surcharge on an individual with a disability as a condition for allowing a service animal to accompany the individual with a disability, even if deposits are routinely required for pets.