Classes are offered in many formats, including: We value your prior college credits, experience, military training and work-place training.

Online courses, plus evening and weekend classes are offered in Cambria, Blair, and Centre counties.The fastest growing population in higher education is adult learners that work 10, 15, 20 or more hours during the week.The FFA Alumni Association plays an important role in keeping agricultural education and FFA programs in our local schools.FFA relies on its alumni and local advocates to garner FFA support from their local communities, raise funds for chapter activities and scholarships, assist at FFA leadership camps and conferences, and more.The brain is dynamic and changes according to what we do and experience, and the impact of experiences is greatest when specific regions of the brain are still developing.

However, the prefrontal cortex is still sensitive to experience in adulthood, and the adult brain is still able to build the complex networks required for executive function and self-regulation.

None clicked until they met Schmidt, who not only had been a skilled executive at Sun Microsystems and CEO of Novell but was a respected computer scientist. He then remained a key part of leadership as its executive chair, even as the corporation restructured itself in 2015 to a holding company named Alphabet, with Google its largest and most profitable division.

As of Thursday night, that’s history too—Alphabet announced that Schmidt, 62, will step down from the chair post next month, 17 years older and almost billion richer than when he joined the firm.

We understand this and provide programs that have the convenience and flexibility adult learners need to be successful.

To further ensure that our courses fit a student’s busy life, each student is assigned an advisor to work with on scheduling, career planning, etc.

Building the core capabilities of adults is essential not only to their own success as parents and workers, but also to the development of the same capabilities by the children in their care.