Adult chatbot that learns

Sophia, the premier humanoid robot creation from Hanson Robotics — the Hong Kong character robot company of which I’m Chief Scientist — has been serving in the role of Chief Humanoid of Singularity NET.

As Singularity NET develops, we will use it to increase the power of her mind.

On the other hand, a lot of the people taking the citizenship test might not fully understand all the answers they’re giving either.

Adult chatbot that learns-64

At the various conferences where I’ve been presenting, I keep getting asked the same questions over and over again, about Sophia and Singularity NET and so forth — so I figured I’d gather those questions in one place along with some reasonable answers. The Q&A starts out with a lot of Sophia, and then gets to Singularity NET, and then to the combination.

There’s a lot of information here but that’s how it goes — these are complex matters!

Regardless of whatever complexities this would entail.

More recently, since getting into AI and robotics research myself in the late 1980s, the idea of AI citizenship has popped onto my radar now and again.

One of the things that has drawn David and I together as collaborators is a shared “patternist” view of the universe.

In this view, human minds and bodies, robot minds and bodies, and countries and corporations are usefully viewed as particular sorts of patterns.

Well, I’ve been collaborating on creating Sophia since her inception in 2015 — and working with David Hanson on his robots since a few years before that.

In a way Sophia is like a robot child to those of us who’ve been working on her …

As Sophia evolves, develops and learns, she will be a prime test case and demonstration of what Singularity NET can do.

For basic information on Singularity NET, see the project website, Singularity .

And all the interesting things in Star Trek got me started reading SF stories and novels and so forth.