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The next days to come were all filled with lies and BS excuses so they can continue to have the truck longer to finish the body work from the accident.

and I assured them the repairs will not be made by this dealership if at all possible.I am a very pleasant and professional person and this not the customer service I expected from a dealership Reply AUTONATION FORD IN LITTLETON, CO is the WORSE dealership in the WORLD. I brought my 2012 Ford Explorer to fix a warranty power steering issue.In 1996 Republic began purchasing new car dealerships.The same year, the company acquired Alamo Rent A Car.Sometime within the service appointment they smashed into my truck with another customers car. I asked for a document explaining the incident, and that they would warranty the respiratory work.

They said no problem and assured me there was a new Silverado loaner truck waiting for me.I came to the dealer in a snowstorm looking to pickup the loaner, which was a total lie, cuz they only has a small car, and the parts for my truck still haven’t been ordered like they told me were.I didn’t take the loaner and I told them to just contact me with my requested paperwork when the truck was finished.I told them I want the numbers for both the owner of the dealership and another for a Chevy rep.He wrote the numbers down for me and I left in my truck.This could have been tragic, for myself, my passengers and any other drivers that I could have had an accident with. Talk about selling something under false pretenses. Reply Well Well Well, I guess Auto Nation wants to run off all their customers.