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but he was too poor to afford furniture, so the only pieces he had were a lofted bed and a wooden chair.

We had to dismantle all my bedding and wash each component...

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After our night out partying at Elsa in Alphabet City, I went back to his place for the night.

There she was, sitting on the oven rack, peeing in the oven.

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I may have made up that entire storyline in my own head because there was nothing else to do.

a divey Chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side that served free, unlimited boxed white wine with dinner (its real name was Silk Road Palace; they have since closed).

As we had never had a vocal conversation, it didn’t dawn on me that her accent would be so thickly unintelligible.

On this page you will find information about how and where to meet singles in NJ.

I finally decided I needed a stable relationship." Of course his idea was that we meet once a week, Tuesday afternoons, at his place for a few hours.

I wake up and realize I am in a puddle, for he peed himself not once, but twice in his sleep.

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