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A few years later, they moved to Government hill and lived there for many decades.

The Browns became good friends with Sydney Laurence, the renowned Alaskan artist.

In 1912, they were the first couple that settled in Anchorage.

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I believe I was the only Alaskan that rejoiced when the train was fenced off. I learned to ride a skateboard on the fresh pavement while it was still blocked off to traffic. When I asked why I didn’t have training wheels, my mother explained, “Your father didn’t believe in training wheels.” Like I said, a dying breed. Oil that was tracked onto our living room carpet each year without fail from the bottom of the shoes we were supposed to remove but too often forgot, and tire marks of thick black oil in all directions on every sidewalk from eager children on banana seat bicycles.And so, Blueberry Street connects to 20th and 21st at bottom of the dip on Arctic, just below Fireweed Lane. I still have scars on my legs to prove it and I’ve no doubt there are marks of skateboard wheels etched into Arctic permanently. so I could watch Night Gallery before getting up early for school the next morning. While I try to remain stoic, I always regress to that little neighborhood vagabond when I am home again, even when I’m pushing my 83-year-old father in his wheelchair. It was he pushing my four-year-old self on the very same street, on my very first bicycle while shouting “Balance! The only difference now is that Blueberry Street is finally paved instead of oiled as it was at the start of every summer to keep the car dust to a minimum. And now, we walked slowly, my dad and I, basking, as if we were seeing the beauty of our neighborhood for the first time.Her boss was Ada Loussac, the wife of Anchorage’s Mayor Z. Mayor Loussac was born in Russia and fled from there in 1907, arriving in Anchorage that year.After owning and selling a drug store, he turned to philanthropy.Because we had her to take care of my brother and me during the day time, my mother decided that she would go to work.

She was hired as a sales clerk at the Colonial Dress Shop. The dress shop was located in the Loussac building and Cereno’s now occupies the space there.

I spent many hours in that library, researching papers for school.

Years later, another Loussac Library was built and still serves Anchorage.

“The mosquitoes are too big, I’m not used to the midnight sun, I don’t like to fly, and who’s going to take care of my dogs?

”) I found myself in my old stomping grounds, pushing my dad slowly in his wheelchair on Blueberry Street.

Dad pointed out the neighbors’ homes, telling stories of families that had long since passed, or moved, or whose children and grandchildren were now raising their own in the very same homes. It was sad they built apartments over both of our hills. High was showing off while riding his new bike over the creek during break up, the ice cracking all around him, only to jump out screaming, cold and wet, while running home.