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Through this prism Falcon struggles with the reality of the situation– The reality-illusion culminating in the drone of XXX webcam chatter, echoes from cyberspace and the digital divide.

CHAT is a daring and disturbing cinematic experiment that takes us inside the mind of a mentally-ill father for an unrelenting 90-minute ride.

Wendell Berry And Preparing Students For “Good Work” by Terry Heick Today (August 5th) is Wendell Berry’s 81st birthday.

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His ideas on scale, limits, accountability, community, and careful thinking have a place in larger conversations about economy, culture, and vocation, if not politics, religion, and anyplace else where common sense fails to linger. Below is a letter Berry wrote in response to a call for a “shorter work week.” I’ll leave the argument up to him, but it has me wondering if this kind of thinking may have a place in new learning forms.

When we insist, in education, to pursue “obviously good” things, what are we missing?

de Graaf has neglected to ask: What work are we talking about?

Did you choose your work, or are you doing it under compulsion as the way to earn money?

Implicit in this idea is the evidently startling possibility that we might work willingly, and that there is no necessary contradiction between work and happiness or satisfaction.

Only in the absence of any viable idea of vocation or good work can one make the distinction implied in such phrases as “less work, more life” or “work-life balance,” as if one commutes daily from life here to work there.Stranger in a strange land, he enters a non-descript office building. Chat models in various states of undress, chatting into computer cameras, office cubicles made to look like bedrooms. Falcon happens to have a daughter gone missing for a week. Falcon wants answers but Syd, and his Ivy League partner, Geoffrey, offer precious little. He tells Syd he’s tired of this business arrangement, that he’s carried Syd too long, he is buying him out and has the power to do so.This is an Adult Chat studio complex, and business is very good. Escorting him out, Falcon is told that one of the models, Annie, was a friend of his daughter, Mary Rose. Syd and Annie welcome a new girl to the biz– Mary Rose. Syd appears at the offices of Doctor Lauren, a Picasso with the liposuction needle. With Syd being cut out, the money train will end for Doctor Lauren— which is unacceptable. Knocking a Xanax down with three cups of Espresso, he nervously dresses in a suit and tie, placing on powerful contact lenses and sunglasses. The same motions that opened the movie, Falcon with almost identical movements.How much of your intelligence, your affection, your skill, and your pride is employed in your work?Do you respect the product or the service that is the result of your work?And if you are called to music or farming or carpentry or healing, if you make your living by your calling, if you use your skills well and to a good purpose and therefore are happy or satisfied in your work, why should you necessarily do less of it?