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However, if a married individual is willingly intimate with someone who isn’t his spouse, it’s unlikely that a judge would rule that he didn’t commit this ground for divorce.

When the bloom is off the rose and the affair has gone south you can bet you will begin to once again concern yourself with how your spouse, family, friends, and co-workers view you.It is best to consider the reality of adulterous behavior than getting caught up in the mythical, storybook idea you create to justify adultery.No one commits adultery without first being able to justify their behavior to themselves.The problem with such justifications is they are falsehoods, a way of engaging in bad behavior without having to think about the consequences of the adultery to others.If there is no longer love there is no longer a “promise.” The adulterer has divorced himself/herself emotionally from the marriage.

In the mind of the adulterer, this frees him/her up from any vows of faithfulness.As a legal definition, the concept of adultery is based on the perpetrator’s marital status, so a post-separation affair would count, too, if he's not technically divorced yet.Simply accusing your spouse of committing adultery isn’t sufficient; Ohio requires proof.Reality: Granted, feelings of love are an extenuating circumstance for vowing to be faithful to a spouse.Love is not the only circumstance though and a lack of love for a spouse is not justification for committing adultery and broken marriage vows.Myth: I’m not a bad person if I have a relationship with someone other than my spouse. I deserve to be happy and have earned the right to be happy even if I find that happiness with someone other than my spouse. Most of us choose to live according to societies rules as far as what is and isn’t ethical behavior.