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And I did not have a lot of fancy costumes but there was an old trunk, an old chest that my mother had. Because, you know when I was …I was a kid I really like dress-up you know. And then I had to go and do another audition which is mandatory for leading a television show for your first time. And it’s where you go and audition in front of all the executives of the studio and then all the executives of the network.

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I usually have to play an American when I’m working here. usually makes life a little easier because you can solve more problems more quickly. Stage, as long as we are talking about drama, and naturalistic drama, as opposed to comedy or farce or something like that. I approach the work the same way, but there’s different … There’s different things that you could get away with on film that you can’t get away with on stage. And I don’t think that, that is exactly a good idea… And so when you have more money in any business it makes ….. : Well I didn’t really think it was a good idea, because she said that we would talk about instruments and have also have instruments playing at the same time. I met with the director here in Los Angeles and then I flew to London and I screen tested for the role. So, but I’m not actually, you know, prolific.: Well I think acting is my favourite, which is why I pursued it the way I have. So I prefer acting because I get to play with different characters: Right, yeah, I think … yeah, anonymity is, is, is something that’s …you become famous, which I’m not at all, you know. And I used to get into that regularly, most weekends and kind of pretend I was in the circus and stuff. and stuff like that, because I don’t really go to places where there are a lot of paparazzi. I just kind of walked up the street carrying a box with another marine.

The wonderful thing about film is that you can capture the subtleties of real life, because the camera is up so close to you.

to start working and developing a new show with them.

if he was wearing blue pants instead of black pants it would be harder for him to fit in. at a dinner or at some sort of function that he needed to go to or and so ….

you sort of have to sometimes act a little larger than you would normally, whereas on film…..

Whereas when you working with a limited budget, you have to problem-solve creatively as supposed to using …. Well, I love both and they are both very different and they’re both exactly the same. If you are acting to an audience that is a long way away from you, some things you have to …

those darker shades.: Yes, I do have input on my new show.