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Broadcast Advisory: Watch this video on You Tube at: Video and sound bites for broadcast are available under the title MC2at the following ftp site: ftp://aggievision:[email protected]

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(Photo by Donyelle Kesler) The program enables New Mexico teachers to improve classroom practices to increase student math learning as well as develop expertise in working with adult colleagues and administrators within a school system.

The program also allows participating teachers to earn a K-12 mathematics coach certificate and a Master of Arts in teaching.

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"MC2 -LIFT responds to the need of partner districts that have embarked on full-scale implementation of new mathematics curriculum in recent years, yet lack the leadership in current mathematics education research and teacher professional learning to support full enactment of a quality curriculum," MC2-LIFT Principal Investigator Patrick Morandi said.

The first group of Teacher Leaders to participate in the MC2 -LIFT program was selected earlier this year.These trained teachers will be able to create active, problem-solving based math classrooms and collaborate with fellow teachers to identify and diagnose student strengths and weaknesses and take the necessary actions to increase student learning.The grant will help fund summer institutes and support teacher and principal stipends as well as staff salaries.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.The couple broke up less than a year later in May Share your feedback on Wiki Foundry Central.Derek Hough, above broadcasts his breakup via Twitter: Feb 288: Dancing with the Stars U.