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After receiving numerous testimonies from employees, we contacted Bazila, an Israeli tech company that takes pride in having a “national security” specialist on staff.

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Among the other companies who work in the field are Taldor, which markets its product, “Kapow” — which analyzes blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook — in Israel.First comes the monitoring, then comes prison It is important to remember that a reality in which the army monitors citizens is not a nightmare that has only recently come true.It has been going on for years, day in and day out, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.In 2014, 43 veterans from the elite Unit 8200 signed a protest letter decrying the signals intelligence unit’s abusive gathering of Palestinians’ private information, including on demonstrations, sexual orientation, financial status and anything else that would aid them in blackmailing or pressuring the population to collaborate.The same goes for Hebrew, of course, including information on geographical location of the users, but I am not sure just how far it extends.” At that same meeting the officers inquired over whether data could be purchased from companies that deal in keystroke logging, in order to tap into all the information typed into tablets or smartphones.

“There are many companies that gather open data from the web,” says the employee. The company can ask for conversations about [its own brand], about taxis, public transportation, or any form of transportation, or anything that has been written about it in Hebrew.The testimonies we collected paint a worrying picture of the level and scope of monitoring and tracking that the security services use against both Jews and Arabs.It must be stated that these companies are not tracking individuals suspected of any crimes, but rather in the widespread gathering of all public data available in Israel, which isn’t limited solely to posts published on social media platforms.The monitoring begins through the program’s algorithm before is it taken over by humans at a later stage.Fictitious profiles According to the employee, several of the monitoring companies create fictitious profiles as a tracking technique.The employee, who we have agreed not to name, told us about the company’s involvement in security-based projects: “They work with the technology branch of Israeli intelligence…