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She has many suggestions, but also really listens to your thoughts and prioritizes them.Fabulous Weddings has set the bar for customer service in wedding planning.

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I knew from the get go that I would need a local planner, someone familiar with all the local laws and customs.

I Googled gay wedding planner Argentina and was directed to the Fabulous Weddings website.

It was like meeting up again with a beloved family member. She was always there, flexible to adjust to any hick-up or misstep. But, the schedule was maintained and Pai and I had our lovely wedding.

None of it possible without Leti and Fabulous Weddings. Anyone considering an Argentine wedding should rush and contact Leti. She surpassed my wildest expectations and then some. Visa requirements and the lack of legal recognition of same-sex marriage led the pair to the destination wedding planning company Fabulous Weddings.

Many countries do not allow same sex marriage and/or do not allow foreigners to marry.

We also needed to find a place that Elena did not require a visitor visa or we would back where we started.

She was also very knowledgeable about every step so there was never any room for doubt.

Laetitia is able to make you feel like you’re at home regardless of where you are. She exceeds all forms of expectations and is incredibly easy to work with and accommodating.

I knew the moment I walked through the airport doors and Elena jumping on me that I wanted to make it work.

We tried to obtain visitor visas to both Canada and the USA, but were met with rejection on both fronts. After much talk and thought, we decided that even with this these difficult circumstances that we wanted to be together, so we decided to marry.

I emailed Leti and was very impressed with her quick response.