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Safari Club: erotic nightclub on Deghatan street 2 with several dancers of Russian and Ukrainian origin. Manhattan: conveniently situated just north of Republic Square on Buzant street, a side road off Abovian street.

It is essentially located at the back of the Foreign Ministry building.

In its ground level bar you can sometimes notice working girls waiting for lonely businessmen.

Gorgeous dancers and strippers can also be seen in Cabaret Charlotte.This Yerevan nightclub on Baghramyan Avenue 25 serves a wide varity of erotic shows like table dances, lesbian shows and strip shows.On Teryan street 59, close to the Armenian National Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre, you can find Omega.The club has beautiful dancers, mainly of Russian and Ukrainian descent, who perform striptease shows and (private) lap dances.Prostitution is pretty common in Armenia but usually hidden and mostly provided by ladies from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

In Yerevan taxi drivers are the best source for finding addresses of girls and clubs.Some street action is also between the corner of Republic Square and the entrance of the Senior Hotel.Furthermore in front of the Armenian National Academic Opera & Ballet Theatre you have good chances to meet streetwalkers at night time.This goes as well for the corner of Pushkin street and Mashtots Avenue where you can find line ups of ladies from time to time.During summertime Lake Sevan, the largest lake in Armenia, attracts many tourists and pro and semi-pro girls.Officially the Yerevan strip clubs only offer light erotic entertainment but sometimes clubs have extras on offer.