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Each new inspector (and explorer, too, though I've yet to have an explorer created) will have its command bar disabled. Inspectors Public With Events obj Inspector As Outlook.Inspector Public With Events col Explorers As Outlook.

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In a thread-per-request system, this will exhaust the threadpool and new requests will be put in to a queue waiting for an available thread.With non-blocking-io frameworks this does not happen.Print "new inspector" New Inspector.commandbars("Research"). Enabled = False 'This is the code that creates a new inspector with events activated Set obj Inspector = New Inspector End Sub Private Sub col Explorers_New Explorer(By Val New Explorer As Explorer) 'I don't believe this is required for explorers as I do not think Outlook 'ever creates additional explorers... Print "new explorer" New Explorer.commandbars("Research"). Enabled = False 'This is the code that creates a new inspector with events activated Set obj Explorer = New Explorer End Sub However this only will get the menu gone from some of the views in Outlook.You will still need to run the following macro to remove it from all explorers. The per user HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office.0\Common\Rese‌​arch Key can be cleared. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).Please reply in comment if you want me to include more code snippets. NET Core app Server response "I always thought is faster than core" - I'm curious why you think that?

I've not seen any benchmarks that would support this (the main reasons I've heard for adopting were "ease of use" and "faster development/iteration time")@Unholy Sheep It's all what I heard mate, I also heard it's "easy to use" and "faster to develop" too, generally from people use never worked in ASP. I'm not bragging about any technology - but this is the pattern I [email protected] using cluster module Node Js spawns multiple workers doing and share the load of main process which is listening on single process.So even if you hit every current Inspector, your new ones will not have the commandbar disabled.Put the following into This Outlook Session in your VBA editor (Alt F11).Since then other languages and web frameworks have been adopting the approaches they took mainstream.To understand what the difference meant, you need to simulate a blocking request that represents some IO workload, such as a database request.Both of them are running in production mode and without a logger attached to them. Here is the action method that render this page Can't believe my eyes!