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I was a part of the team that booked him for his show in Atlanta, so I used that leverage to be able to produce a video of his time in Atlanta for him.

His camp liked the video so much that it later turned into a continuous working relationship.

EBONY: Describe your relationship, both creatively and personally, with (Producer) Metro Boomin.

CK: I met Metro Boomin through a mutual friend at Morehouse, B Wright. We also had a mutual Freebandz (Atlanta rapper Future’s entity) connection from him being signed to Future and me working with Future and Young Scooter on the video and photography side.

I had just recently graduated from college, and I knew I did not want to work a regular corporate nine-to-five job, so I started putting my camera and my connections to work for me.

The video that really popped things off for me was this “day in the life” documentary I did for Schoolboy Q in 2012 when he came to Atlanta for a show.

EBONY: When did you realize that photography was going to be your profession and not just your hobby?

CK: In 2012, I realized photography and videography could really be a career path for me when I got the opportunity to work with some of my favorite music artists.

I took on the role of more of a big brother with him just helping him with whatever he needed personally or professionally.

We formed a professional partnership outside of our friendship as well.

The biggest music artists out of Atlanta literally move around like everyday normal people.

Living in Atlanta, it seems like the music industry is literally at your fingertips, so it makes it so easy for people to want to get into it.

In the span of about two weeks, I went from never working with a celebrity to producing work for Schoolboy Q, Estelle, and Young Jeezy.