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I fish outside the boathouses on the east side, Sandy point, brownlows and outside the Catholic Church camp on the west side. I shaved a bit off the ol prop a few 100 yards off shore there.

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If you guys want a good spot to fish, ok so there's a Green and Red ice shack fish by it and you will have great luck Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!

Ice Report: 14 in Hey was out today on the lake out by brownlows and had a good day some Pike Perch and Walleye.

My intent is to share tips, lure selection and where the walleye and perch are. Went out this morning on the east side of the lake. If interested in catching big fish email [email protected] At times they are right off the bottom at other times they are suspended. We caught about 20 walleye, a few small pike and 1 long. The walleye were consistently over 4.5 lbs, with a 7.75lbs the heaviest. Just jig it, for me, the biggest risk is on the north end of Brownlows, near the new marina at Sandy Point.

If anyone is interested, I have created a Facebook page called "Gull Lake Summer Fishing". Rate is negotiable, any lake in central, and northern Alberta, north sask river sturgeon. Over 40 years of fishing experience, guaranteed to catch fish or you do not pay.

See you when the open water season starts Mid May Thanks "Find me fishing" for the tips. Hope to god the people who caught 70 did not kill 70.! Killing 3 or 4 inch perch is detrimental to keeping a good lake population. Try wire worms of various colours to see what they're going for at that given hour. I will give a detailed report after my day Brownlows Dec 22 got on top of a perch hole, 16 perch between two of us only one keeper, huge pike stole a few hooks, caught a 54cm pike and a 3 pound burbot. I looked at the map and I believe brownlow is in the NW corner and Wilson is a park around the midde east side.

Landed some good perch today (my first perch ever). Did not catch any white but my friend caught a 2.7 lb white just next to me, so I will take this for success. An SUV was stuck at the Brownlows access this afternoon. See you guys on the open water season :) Please follow the rules everybody. Tipping the hook with a couple of maggots sometimes helps. I was planning on going there tomorrow, but not sure which place.

Check the hot spots for this lake to find a general area to explore and drill holes until you find the fish. Only two days left of this ice fishing season, a few called in store to report still catching whites and pike, open Thursday @ Friday morning 8am until 1pm, take care on the ice, still have some maggots, worms and frozen bait in stock. Keep safe and enjoy this last week if you ar going out. Went to Brownslow got on some nice perch few pike came around but not interested... Ice is good as are the accesses where I went onto the lake.. I was kinda hoping for somewhere that isn't packed with ppl, but it looks like it's a pretty busy place!

Last week of ice fishing and reports coming into store past few days, some catching decent size whites and pike this end of lake. Open 8am until 7pm today, 8am until 4pm Sunday, maggots, dew worms and frozen bait in store. @Scott W, why would you want to walk on instead of drive on? Would like to hook a white....haven't try one before!!

I was strictly fishing for whitefish, seen one whitefish unable to catch it. I think the cloud and the wind may have contributed to not seeing many whitefish.

7 feet of water my kid caught one pike not able to keep it, seen two whitefish did not catch any whitefish. Fished off pelican point today for those who know where that is at a depth of 7 ft of water. Seen some whites, caught 2 pike on mister twister white and one yellow with minnows. spent the whole day on the lake started at five feet of water seen two whites turned there noses up at my offerings moved on out to nine feet of water coxed in one pike with the sonar had to work hard to get him to bite ended up just being a twenty three incher thinking maybe the storm front moving in might have been the problem have to invest in a barometer all in all its just good to get out and enjoy the day tight lines and remember to have fun out there I was out yesterday at Brown lows, from sun up to approximately 11 o'clock, fishing 7 feet of water ,seen two walleye seen two Pike.

Otherwise I was pleased with the small amount of garbage however none would be awsome. This season i have had many ice fishermen /women and children coming into the store, I wish to thank those who helped educate me more about ice fishing. I'm taking my 5 year old daughter out for her first time.