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See also: , which felt like a transition into this next stage of your career.Is hosting the ESPYs simply a culmination of everything you’ve done since then? It’s most likely not going to happen due to legal restraints. But I will replace it with a spectacular stunt that you can only see live. Well, just in case things go terribly wrong in your one-on-one matchup against a grizzly bear, I’d like to give you the opportunity to comment on the rumored beef you have with me stemming from a GQ video I did with your girlfriend, Nikki Bella.

Our ranking includes some hosts who are entirely fictional, others who’ve expanded the job’s original boundaries through podcasting and satellite radio, and those who turned daytime TV into must-see entertainment.

It does not, however, include John Mc Enroe, Magic Johnson, or Tony Danza; make no mistake, that was a conscious decision. For over 30 years, Howard Stern’s calling and gift has been getting his guests, many wildly famous, to talk freely about all the things they’d rather not talk about.

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Created in 2006, the web site is Still going Strong and its filled with scrummicous she-males of all of the Occasions and forms and there is a good quantity of activity crammed in to each scene that there’s never ever a dull minute here.

But I’ll let you elaborate on your side of this beef. Back to the ESPYs: Who are you most looking forward to meeting or interacting with? I have a feeling I’ll see a bunch of those people that night that I would certainly love to say hello to.

So please, tell me what your view from the office is. Amazingly enough, athletic achievement is one of those things that seems larger than life at points. I heard through the rumor mill that we may have a Bartolo Colón sighting. He may or may not be there, but it would be cool to say hello to him.

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