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In between reminiscing about the good times they've had over the years, Raven did throw a little bit of shade when she said, "Out of all the Cheetah Girls, we survived together as friends, for a long time." Welp.

In the DCOM, Marisol was BFFs with Galleria's fellow Cheetah Girl member, Chanel ( The girls also shared which princess they'd play if Disney were to cast a live-action princess movie.

Belinda immediately said she'd be Mulan because "she's powerful," while Raven shared she'd be Moana.

Her focus is to connect you to the deepest parts of your natural, feminine essence, exploring root issues surrounding men, sex, trust and intimacy with a holistic approach leading you back to full acceptance, loaded self-worth and overflowing connection.Intimacy is the process of revealing who you are in a space that is safe and accepting.She has also worked as a Consultant with many corporate companies, providing strategic analysis, planning, training and program development.Belinda loves seeing all of her clients increase their productivity and engagement of their organization.Seating will be limited so be sure to pre-register for tickets in advance. A highly motivated mother of two, Tracey’s mission is to guide women of all walks of life in the creation and implementation of healthy, sustainable life plans, so they can live the life they desire without compromising the love of family and self.

Far too many women simply have no idea of their purpose, value, and self-worth and it breaks my heart. My Passion is to empower you to be the best version of yourself! With 20 years of experience in high intensity corporate environments working in sales development, marketing and training, strategy development and sales field management, Tracey’s classy yet “keep it real” approach has made her a key contributor to exponential growth for several international high performing companies.

She is known for her high-energy and amusing speaking style.

Belinda has built multiple million dollar sales organizations in the last 30 years and has helped create thousands of leaders.

Her proven track record and experience makes Belinda a speaker that her audience can relate to because she has been where they are.

Belinda’s areas of expertise focus on creating a vision/goal setting, leadership/team building, overcoming objections, rising about self-doubt and communication.

And breaking free from the emotional eating we tend to get ourselves into as women!