Benefits consolidating servers

In 2016, the e-CF became a European standard and was published officially as the European Norm EN 16234-1.

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Other benefits of desktop virtualization include increased security and a way to let employees control their computer environments while also allowing IT to lock down business-related functions.The fundamental technology behind desktop virtualization is similar to server virtualization: An administrator creates a VM image file that contains a computer's operating system, drivers, applications, files and settings.It enables the identification of skills and competences that may be required to successfully perform duties and fulfill responsibilities related to the ICT workplace.The widespread adoption of the e-CF by companies and organisations throughout Europe has started to increase the transparency, mobility and efficiency of ICT sector related human resources.Pro Deploy Enterprise Suite helps you get more out of technology starting on day one.

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A virtualization engine then runs the VM, which behaves as if it were a regular,nonvirtualized computer.

The physical computer running the VM, called the host, can either be the user's computer or a centralized server.

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