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My phone is usually on my person, and as long as I plug it in at night, I rarely have to think about charging it, so this would be perfect! IP cameras are available at a range of price points, and with a variety of features.

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I tried to convince the parents to buy a video monitor but they didn’t understand what they were missing, so they stuck with audio-only.

I researched and researched, and in 2009, when I was looking at these, there were not as many options as there are now.

(Skip ahead to the Short Version if you just want the nitty gritty) Here’s a shot of my baby after she went to bed tonight. After a few hours, she woke up, and I heard her cry out, so I opened the app and saw this: I decided to (for the first time ever) see if I could “remotely soothe” her using the microphone on my phone / speakers on the camera in her room. I suggested again, that she lie down and “go night-night.” After a few seconds, she did this: I could hear her take a deep breath, then yawn, and when I zoomed in closer, I could even see her blinks getting longer and sleepy, and then her eyes closed and she was asleep. And if so, maybe I saved you a little bit of legwork or trial and error when it comes to research and setup.

I clicked the mic icon to toggle it on, and told her to find her sleepy sheep or her pacifier if she wanted them, and go back to sleep. Disembodied-Mama-Voice can be kind of disorienting I suppose. Let me know if you have any other questions you’d like addressed, and I’ll let you know if I know.

Back in 2009, I had the opportunity to babysit for a sweet family with a 2.5 year old boy.

It was then that I got my first taste of the genius that is the Video Baby Monitor.A larger viewing are on the monitor was also appealing. Because, you know, “.” So many months ago, I began searching.“Why isn’t there a baby monitor system that works with the i Phone? It just seemed silly to me to carry around TWO touch screens, when one should work.Sure it was staticky and only worked with the receiver plugged in (the battery sucked, which I think is pretty common with this type of monitor) but .You see, it could be 100% quiet in his room, but he could be going through his dresser, or standing on his bed, or any number of other non-sleep things.Additional cameras for the system were available at 0 each.