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Other authors, from Charles Dickens to William Shenstone refer to the intensity of manufacturing in the Black Country and its effect on the landscape and its people.Today the Black Country is described, by the government, as most of the four Metropolitan District Council areas of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton.Just before midday on the 8th of November, the Sheriff of Worcester arrived with a posse of men and surrounded the house. Our culture, history and identity is completely different from Birmingham and we would never ever accept being part of a "Greater Birmingham".

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My definition of the black countryman is a hard working and honest man who puts pride and respect above wealth a man of honour who would give his life for family and country.

sadly they are a dying breed instead of those men we have a mixture of people who do not understand the qualities i have mentioned let alone displayed them.

To traditionalists the Black Country is the area where the coal seam comes to the surface - so West Bromwich, Oldbury, Blackheath, Cradley Heath, Old Hill, Bilston, Dudley, Tipton, Wednesfield and parts of Halesowen, Wednesbury and Walsall but not Wolverhampton, Stourbridge and Smethwick or what used to be known as Warley.

The region was described as 'Black by day and red by night' by Elihu Burritt, the American Consul to Birmingham in 1862.

My mother Rachel ran this shop until she died in 1959 and then my life changed completely.

Does anyone remember my family, my brothers are David and George.As a whole, Wolverhampton and Walsall not in the Black Country as its historic ties are to Staffordshire, although some of the towns between the two are Black Country.Similarily Stourbridge is historically linked to Worcestershire as are parts of Halesowen.The poet William Shenstone lived in Halesowen as did the writer Francis Brett Young, who celebrated the industrial Black Country and city of Birmingham in his novels.Poet Sir Henry Newbolt was born in Baldwin Street, Bradley.But when you come from a place that you are proud of, and that has very little recognition, it becomes second nature, and well deserved to get all defensive!