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I am also thankful to my best friend who made me feel happy again.

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I’m sorry my grades are very good and I’m not always the best person I can be. And I want you to know you are so beautiful and amazing and you are the best mom ever.I know how hard it could be if your friends are always rude an callung you names and never listen to your feelings. I want to apologies to the people that not only have been affected by my drama but in general affected by drama.Kindly, Past Self I was bullied throughout my middle school years.It took a while, but eventually everything got better.Meanness is unacceptable behavior from anyone, regardless of their gender.

When you identify an issue as being limited to, or primarily focused on one gender over another, you run the risk of unintentionally perpetuating and defining the very patterns of behavior you are trying to eradicate.

And the times where you were on the verge of tears but just smiled to cover it up.

I hope you have learned how to express your feelings and forgive those who hurt you.

Dear My Friends, For the past few years I've been a shadow. I can never EVER repay you for all you’ve taught me and given me throughout what I have lived of my life. I’m sorry that I didn’t realize how hard your life really is.

I took you for granted, whispered untruths, and left you alone when you needed me most. I’m sorry you feel like you have to wear makeup to cover up your gorgeous face and birthmark. Every time you come over which is like once or twice a year your on your phone. You tell me but I just kinda ignore and forget and then start laughing again. I really want to try and get to know you better no laughing and no fun. I love you (like a friend love..) and I want to always be there when you need me.

I hope you are doing better and can grow from this chapter in your life.