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English, French, Economics, Political Science, History, Business Administration, Military theory, Military strategy studies, Military Psychology and Leadership are offered by the Faculty of Arts.

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RMC is responsible to: The RMC mission is to educate, train and develop Officer Cadets for leadership careers of effective service in the Canadian Forces-Canadian Forces Air Command, Canadian Forces Maritime Command and Canadian Forces Land Force Command.

For most students, education is free and a monthly salary is paid which meets incidentals.

Squadrons are subdivided into flights and sections.

To be eligible to enter RMC, candidates must meet the course requirements for one of the undergraduate programs in Kingston, Ontario or the preparatory year in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.The courses are offered both on site and by distance learning in both official languages: English and French.RMC offers 19 undergraduate programs in Arts, Science and Engineering.The Core Curriculum consists of Economics, Psychology, Mathematics, English, Calculus, Military history of Canada, Chemistry, Canadian History, Physics and Civics.Cadets can choose to specialize in Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering 1965-1981, 2001-, Chemical and Materials Engineering: 1992-2001, Computer Engineering (Hardware or Software streams) 1983-, Civil Engineering 1965-, Electrical Engineering 1965- and Mechanical Engineering 1965-. Engineering Physics was offered 1975-1995 and Fuels and Materials Engineering were offered 1982-1991.Within the years, cadets can hold positions of increasing responsibility with a cadet rank that may include, from top to bottom, Cadet Wing Commander, Cadet Squadron Leader, Cadet Flight Leader, and Cadet Section Commander.