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Now that colder, cozier weather is settling in, this guide includes everything a bibliophile needs for a quiet night at home, curled up with her latest novel and a cup of tea (or a glass of wine)—minus the crackling fireplace.

So, instead of giving your friend a gift card to a local bookstore, opt for something a little more personal and exciting for the holidays—and don’t run the risk of buying him a book he already has on his shelves.

In our gift guide, you won’t find specific titles for the reader on your list (with a few notable exceptions—because who doesn’t like Jane Austen or ).

Jojo is 13 years old, living in Mississippi, caring for his young sister, sick grandmother, and drug-addicted mother.

As the family road-trips to reunite with Jojo’s incarcerated father, Ward touches on racial injustices and growing up in an unforgiving America.

Through beautiful prose, Clemmons addresses the profound effect loss can have on our lives and the impact that our complex identities can have on our lives. Perfect for the reader that’s dealing with an elderly parent, this tender debut novel from Rachel Khong tells the story of Ruth, 30 years old and freshly disengaged from her fiancé.

When Ruth moves home to take care of her father, a noted history professor recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she learns to find humor, and new life, while caring for her aging dad. Gift the book lover in your life this moving novel from Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout.A decorative addition to the book lover’s bookshelf. If he’s running into roadblocks while writing his novel or just looking for a creative outlet, these story-starter cards are just what he needs. Some people wake up wanting “just five more minutes.” Bookworms ask for just one more chapter. Or use them as friendship pins for the book lovers on your list.Gold cards provide the characters while the copper ones give the impetus for the tale’s events. And this mug says that for them so they won’t even have to lift their eyes from the page. Whatever you choose, these classic storybook characters will instantly transport them back to their mischievous childhood antics. If you had to talk a friend out of nearly getting inked with a Harry Potter quote, this book is for them.To buy: ; ), was one of the most anticipated novels of 2017.It follows the dramatic events that unfold in a picture-perfect Cleveland suburb in the late 1990s following a custody battle over a Chinese-American baby. For historical fiction lovers, gift them this book from Jennifer Egan (a Pulitzer Prize winner for A Visit from the Goon Squad) that immerses readers in 20th century Brooklyn.In it, Zhang tells the stories of seven different daughters of immigrants from Shanghai living in NYC during the 1990s and their parents’ experiences in 1960s China in this poignant collection of stories.