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You’ll be expected to make frequent trips to China and to socialize to show your commitment to the relationship.

If you want to seal the deal in China, it’s going to take some loving.

Photo Credit: Public domain image by Randall Mah One thing that often strikes newcomers to the United States is Americans' gregariousness.

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The direct and blunt communication that is the norm in American offices makes many Chinese very uncomfortable, particularly if it's critical.

To Americans, a person who is not straightforward is often perceived as insincere or evasive.

Understanding Chinese business etiquette, how it differs from American business culture and how Chinese build relationships, communicate, and interact with business associates is critical to closing the deal in China.

Understanding the difference between the American and Chinese cultures is the key.

Consequently, hierarchy is likely to inform Chinese people’s interactions with others, especially foreigners in a professional environment.

But whether or not an American holds a senior position at their company, Chinese are likely to show special deference to American colleagues and American culture.

This way of thinking may be counterintuitive for Americans, who may understand business only in dollars and yuan.

As a result, Americans must take a more personal approach with their Chinese partners.

Building relationships takes time in Chinese culture and the Chinese believe it leads to more successful transactions later.

Styles of Communication As much as Chinese prize strong personal connections, Americans should keep in mind they equally prize tact and etiquette.

Many want to keep their professional and personal lives separate.