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In addition to the cultivation area, the site includes an integrated space with a small wooden house, with a kitchen and a dry toilet, where we frequently receive volunteers from all over the world.

The project demands help in the various activities with an agricultural demand (seeding, planning and maintenance of beds, management and care with plants such as fertilization, pruning, irrigation, harvesting and seed processing).

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We have an open space for bonfire, where we share experiences besides sacred circles of connection with pachamama.

We are part of the Pachamama Nation Movement ( of respect for the life of all beings. Currently we are two residents and we need help to take care of the plantations and continue building adobe houses or other form of help that you can contribute (tell us how you can help).

Our volunteers by integrating with our family's activities, can choose the tasks of their choice or ability.

Requirements: over 18 years and preferably non smokers.

It is a property with five alqueires, but only one is being used for housing and planting.

It is located in the city of Tatui, district of Campinho or congonhal from above, 15 km from the city center. The property is is being restored by planting organic vegetables and vegetables and we are also treating the fruit trees already producing on the property.

New property, in which we are working in the garden, planting of fruit, acai crop, among other soil activities.

We have one structure and the others in the process of construction, we do not require pre-requisites, we ask that the participants be proactive and willing.

The project started about six years ago, and since then, I have been resting and nourishing thhe land through the accumulation of biomass, the soil was exhausted by intensive cultivation and fire.

Since then, I have been introducing fruit tree species and today there are about 120 fruit trees of 12 species.

Rural property with emphasis on dairy cattle raising. Planting of oats and azevem in the winter and oats and sorghum in the summer for feeding the herd. We have chickens for eggs and meat for our own consumption.