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Maybe it's there as a badly arguable inference to those who insist on believing the press release notes.No, to me it's all ginger and fairy floss and the Ancient Persian Spice Road." I asked, as I heard the jet stream start to hiss out. In any event it was probably better to let on sooner rather than later that I knew 'Stella' and that I knew 'Stella' would not really care that you only thought you were being just a tricky fantasy lipstick lesbian rather than a real clam-licking one.

You don't get this from every relationship, even when there is beauty or prettiness and attraction; you need that nasty twanging, edgy, almost pain/pleasure part that recurrently seeks relief from its own self-inflicted slave-tight chains of 'dark-side' sex addiction. And it had blue and green lights that glowed quite sci-fi exotically in the dark.

From Cherise I think I got it -- that hurtingly desireable part - from her high cheekbones, her English blondeness, her smell, the music in her soul. I noticed this time she had brought back the portable Pioneer XDJ Aero Wireless mixing deck. Even so it also had strong reinforced metal posts under the knobs and it was a very sturdy thing and felt like it. She could turn it on and all the speakers inside the apartment would crackle and szuzz into hi-tech life.

Cherise had this habit of wearing fairly street-level men's cologne or male-style deodorants and bodysprays. Okay, this is an unusual bodyspray for something from an inexpensive brand: it's heavily ginger-scented, with some sweetness coming from somewhere, as well as a rich amber and frankincense blended note.

The publicity claims chocolate but I can't see that.

We turned each other on sexually and she was as hot as hell when it came to sex.

There was that urgency shared by us both over our own mutuality of sex desire, and equivalent high satisfaction with each other's body-promise and of getting to that rare place that we all chase in sex -- the dirty hot pinging almost taboo part that matches the best masturbatory fantasies.She knew I was there in the room; she was stirring. She placed the bottle to her lips and sucked a mouthful.By the time she had placed it back down I was right there behind her, sitting on the bed, drinking in the sights and the sensations.I licked everywhere underneath her arm, from behind the crease at her shoulders and on around to the skin at her back, and to the front and down onto her breasts and eventually onto her nipples, settling on one, and flicking it up and down with the tip of my tongue. I could sense her pussy getting hotter and slipperier.I pulled her around so that I could take her from behind.I love how some city women spray these kinds of heavy scents on and even after they've been in a warm bed for many hours, or even in an office all day long, superficially they still smell of the dry-down stage of the fragrance.