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Smit was found dead on December 8, after falling naked from the 20th floor of a building where she had been partying with a pair of wealthy American swingers.

Hundreds of mourners were in attendance for the service in Roemand, southeastern Netherlands.

And the letter penned by Commander Mike Parker given by his wife (top right) to the Queen (played by Claire Foy, bottom right) brought an end to his career and provided some of the most memorable moments of the series.

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On opening a box of Nature Valley cereal bars, I noticed one was suspiciously light.

Showing Prince Philip and his private secretary cavorting with bare-breasted women, scenes of the duo on an official tour of the Commonwealth have become one of the most controversial episodes of hit TV drama The Crown (left).

A 'Dad's Army' of unpaid border guards is set to be Britain's first line of defence against terrorists, people smugglers and organised crime gangs at hundreds of vulnerable air and sea ports.

The 'Special Volunteer Force' will police isolated marinas, harbours and airfields but astonishingly, according to union officials opposed to the scheme, they will have no powers to interrogate or arrest suspects.

' The Prime Minister (left) used her official New Year message to restate her determination to deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum vote.

She vowed to 'keep up progress in 2018' on the next stage of the EU exit talks, declaring: 'Making a success of Brexit is crucial.' The vast majority of voters 'just want the Government to get on and deliver a good Brexit - and that's exactly what we are doing', she added.

In an exclusive interview with the Mo S, Mr Kay said archived versions of the original messages - proving he had consensual sex with his accuser - were found by his sister-in-law, Sarah Maddison (pictured left).

When she showed the Facebook exchange to the officer in charge of the investigation, he said: 'How did you know how to find the messages and we didn't?

The two, pictured left and inset, are lying motionless and covered in blood as other protesters in the same video chant, 'I will kill whoever killed my brother! Elsewhere in Iran, protesters were filmed setting fire to a government office in the city of Khorramabad, top right, while demonstrators took to the streets of Bandar Abbas, bottom right, as protests continued at night.

The funeral for Ivana Smit, an 18-year-old Dutch model who fell 14 floors to her death at an apartment complex in Kuala Lumpur was held in Netherlands on Saturday.

Although she describes herself as a nurse, background checks by this newspaper reveal she is not registered as such in this country, and only describes herself as a beautician.