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"His memories include the time in April 1984, during a squadron exchange at Binbrook, when he and XR749 participated in unofficial time-to-height and acceleration trials against F-104 Starfighters from Aalborg.The Lightnings won all races easily, with the exception of the low level supersonic acceleration, which was a dead-heat.He has a particular affection for the aircraft: "The Lightning was an exceptional aircraft in every respect, but XR749 was one of the best of the best.It is probably the best aircraft that I will ever have had the privilege to fly.Quebec est un site avec une section vidéo adulte mais également un forum français axé sur la porno québécoise mais aussi sur la porno en générale...

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In April 1985, British Airways were trialling a Concorde up and down the North Sea.

When they offered it as a target to NATO fighters, Mike and his team spent the night before in the hangar polishing XR749 which he borrowed from the LTF for the occasion, and the next day overhauled Concorde at 57,000 ft and travelling at Mach 2.2 by flying a stern conversion intercept.

According to Wiki Concorde had a top speed of Mach 2.04 with a cruise of 2.02 - so at the time of her service (scheduled flights began in 1976) until 2003 did the RAF have anything that'd catch her? but a shed load more drag due to inlet and waist adjustments to accommodate the Speys.

I originally thought the lightning, but that'd 'only' do mach 2.0 apparently. Neil Its true and it isnt really, whilst the Frightning, Phantoms and Tornado's could all match her top speed, not one of them could actually CATCH her and KEEP UP with her if she was at cruise speed. As for Tornado, im pretty certain that she is limited to M1.6 due to the inlet ramps being now locked.

It was given a new colour scheme - light grey underside, dark grey upper side, with the spine and tail fin dark blue.