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Why not just step back and do nothing, whilst getting on with your life as you normally would, this will do you far more good long term.I am not trying to make it sound easy, it is not at times and I used to want to hide away at home and shut out the world, but I refused to as I wanted to be part of that world again.

I have people email me and say some lovely things about the book after reading it, but I had one a few weeks ago saying ” Paul I have just finished your book, but I am not cured”.I am struggling to understand which book she read as it says nothing about getting to the end and a magic wand comes down and cures you.To finish I will never forget a story I read where 3 men were burgling a store in the middle of the night and were caught and arrested.They interviewed one and he said that when he heard the sirens he was full of fear and dread, then when the police were outside shining lights in that his fear increased and they tried to hide.The first being that the anxietynomore app is now available as an option on the Android as well as the i Phone.

As usual I don’t push things on anyone, but it is there if anyone wishes to buy it and a few people did ask me to let them know when it was available.Hi Everyone, Well the last post was a while ago so I thought I was due to say a few words.I also have a few bits and bobs to cover before we go on to today’s post.But he said once they had them surrounded and made it clear that they knew they were in there, then they all lit a cigarette up and felt a sense of calm. K the game is up, come and do what you have to do’.I felt that story reflected me and my anxiety, I feared the feelings for years and tried to keep them out, once I gave in and allowed myself to feel this way then there was a sense of relief and I felt calmer.Just so there is no confusion, when I talk about doing nothing, I mean no longer trying to fix or figure it all out, not doing nothing by sitting at home looking at the ceiling.