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source This procedure ran painfully slowly; it took about 11 hours to dump a little more than 2 MB from the tape onto the target disk, and nobody could tell me why.

All they knew was that the official software had to be used to load the bootstrap routine, and then the file dumps.

Furthermore, there are some cases where trolling can occur without any interaction at all.

The goal of a troll is to not only be offensive, but to entice a response.When they aren’t awarded with a response, they often move on to the next unsuspecting person, who might unfortunately give them exactly what they want.Omegle trolling can be visually shocking and often crude.Because Omegle features video chat, the trolling can be of a much serious nature, sometimes displaying sexually explicit images.If you’re going to participate in Omegle, the experience will not always be a bad one–there are plenty of people using the service as it was intended, to meet random people and to have conversation.

But because of the versatility of video chat, and the anonymity of the users, this is quintessential ground for offensive trolling.Trolls have started using real photographs of normal, every day people and using these photos for unintended purposes.For example, people will scrape (take, copy) photos from social media platforms such as My Space or Facebook, photos that were uploaded by people, their friends or family and use them to create offensive internet sensations.Recognize that people can and will be ruthless under the mask of anonymity.If you find a screen name that you are unfamiliar with responding to your or your children online, and it comes off as offensive or void of any substance pertaining to the topic, it is best to not respond.A healthy amount of this content has warned you of the severity of trolling, how targeted or random it can be, and how hateful or offensive it can become.