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When do I say, You gotta lose it in order to understand how to even cope. You don’t know you’re learning about it when you’re in it.

How are you going to develop your coping mechanisms if I’m fixing and when as a parent do I let go?

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It seems that I was not very tactful for she became very hurt and cried her eyes out.

She simply though that I did not love her any more and that my suggesting was a trick for me either to dump her or to be free to fuck other women.

After some five years, when horniness got the best of me I got in contact with Isabel (still a gorgeous woman) and would travel to the city where she was living and enjoy some threesomes and cream pies with her.

Of course, I made sure Lucia never found out about this for she would have divorced me.

Lucia has no problem whatsoever to reach orgasm, and I always make sure she gets one for feeling her coming is what usually triggers mine.

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