Christian daily devotions for dating couples

But we're growing—even when we can't see it.At 16, my life altered irreversibly at summer camp when I pledged everything to Jesus. God won't amplify his voice, and the Scriptures won't beg for our attention like breaking headlines.

When the preacher advised we all return home and read our Bibles every day for six months without fail, I did it. They don't vie for our company like social media, but they will speak—if we quiet ourselves to listen.(According to recent research, this was more than enough time to develop a consistent habit.) The months became years. Of course, there have been intermittent seasons of foregoing my morning Bible reading for sleep (I do have five children), but for the better part of my adult life, I've stuck with it. Research commissioned by the American Bible Society shows that only 15 percent of Americans read our Bibles daily. For us to hear God’s voice, we have to turn down the volume of the media noise. It isn't likely we'll successfully add the resolution to read the Bible to our daily madness without subtracting something else.How to Use Bible Study Basics Each chapter is broken down into main themes including Only One Gospel, Faith Versus Works, Hagar and Sarah, The Spirit, Doing Good, and more. Some of us wonder for what reward, but it's difficult to measure the slow, incremental change the Bible effects in the short-term.Our spiritual growth mirrors the development of a child. Their grandparents, however, who see them much more infrequently, are the first to remark on their changes.

Similarly, we're too close to our own selves to appreciate the good work the living and active word of God does in us (Hebrews ).

Emotional cheating, emotional infidelity and emotional intimacy — real Christian marriage topics that we cover honestly and openly.

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