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The poor girl bore all patiently, and dared not tell her Father, who was governed entirely by his wife.

The Chinese story has nearly all the elements that occur in the later European versions.

The slipper- in some versions made of silk, is often believed to be the result of a mis-translation of Perraults story- It has been mooted that he described the slipper as Vair- rabbit fur, rather than verre-Glass.

Cinderella- the most popular pantomime story owes its popularity to Perrault.

Either Charles or Pierre Perrault retold this already ancient tale in Histories ou Contes du temps pass, published in Paris in 1697.

Two sisters live the grand life, and Finetta is forced to be their servant.

In this tale she discovers a golden key in the ashes of the fire.In each case the heroine is able to meet her Prince through her kindness to others.In this story three children are abandoned in the wood, and are taken in by an Ogre.As she was at a loss for a coachman, a rat from a rat trap became the coachman with the finest whiskers as ever were seen.Cinderilla returned to the garden and brought six lizards, which her Godmother turned into six footmen, with their liveries all bedaubed with gold and silver.The Sisters talked of nothing but how they should be dressed.