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At number 72, a plaque referring prince of the singers Xavier Privas.

The street has a great architectural diversity and an accumulation of historical references.

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In early days Georgia was but a strip of population on the west bank of the Savannah River, with one city, Savannah, at the southern, and another, Augusta, at its northern extremity.

The growth of the commonwealth being for several generations in a northerly and northwesterly direction, made the upper metropolis a great center; and hence it is that for years the history of Augusta epitomizes that of the State.

Its northern part is located in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, but the main part of the street is in the 2nd arrondissement.

In its southern part, the street passes through the Place des Jacobins.

The whole career of an American city one hundred and fifty years old — older than the old French War, older than the rising of the Jacobites under Bonnie Prince History of Augusta.

Charlie in the '45 ; older than Blackstone's famous Commentaries — has been thoroughly and carefully explored.In the first plan drawn in 1853, a new street connected the current Place de la République to the Place des Terreaux.Finally, the new axis, which was named rue de l'Impératrice, was built in the 1860s in a straight line between Place Bellecour and Place des Terreaux.The street is known for its numerous luxury shops like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Christian Dior, Longchamp, Hermes ...With the rue de la République to the east, the rue de Brest to the west and rue Victor Hugo to the south, it is the commercial center of the city.In many of the colonies, during their connection with Great Britain, it had cither no existence at all, or a very imperfect and irregular administration." The reader interested in this particular subject, may therefore be surprised to find in this work a complete account of the Colonial Court of Chancery in Georgia, showing that Equity Jurisprudence existed here in full vigor years before the Revolution.