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Newest addition to New York Dating Coach team: one of our past students has risen to a level of instructor.

I highly recommend New York Dating Coach program, which I have just completed (in the Spring of 2013).

Julie F, Judy M and Jessica Claire are our wing women.

I felt that I lacked the proper social skills and had almost resigned myself to the fact that I'll never get to date any attractive girl, let alone find any suitable girlfriend.Needless to say, I was quite skeptical when I first met Art and his coaches, but I was so frustrated I thought that I've nothing to lose seeing what these guys can do for me. Rather than teaching me some magic lines and a few techniques, New York Dating Coach focused on my inner self, on how I see myself around women.Antonia Geno She is NYDC Female perspective and Online Dating coach .Charismatic and personable, Antonia has helped a number of single men and women gain power and control over their dating lives. With effortless ways to start conversations, you won't want to stop talking to women after your sessions with Rich.Flirting and improvisation is a true art, and Rich can help you master it.

You can see him on television sometimes; Bunk and Comedy Central are some of the shows he's been on.The best part about the program is that it avoids pat canned routines, opening lines and incomprehensible "social interaction" flow charts. In dealing with women, this aspect of my personality produced negative results -- I worried too much about the impression I made on women.During the Advanced Boot Camp course, however, I made a real breakthrough.Art has put together a comprehensive program, addressing meeting and interacting with women in a variety of settings, including day-time (e.g., parks), night-time (bars and clubs), on-line, and dates (including a practice date).Art's staff is skilled and personable, and they teach a wide variety of different approaches.I’ve met some really great guys and I’m dating Jon now.