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When the trio returned to Rodriguez's home, they allegedly told Romero that things 'got out of hand'.'They are gone!

Diablo did one, and I did the other,' 'Casper' allegedly said.

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Just days before they were found murdered, Natalie announced on Facebook that she was being sent back to a juvenile detention center.

The troubled teen was incarcerated in January, according to her own posts, for an unnamed offence after she turned herself in.

But before she was killed she wrote that she hoping to get her life together after she got back from the center.'Man I got to do it for my moms an me got to start my life an get my s*** together jail ain't fun but neither is waiting around,' she wrote.

Meanwhile, friends and family had expressed concern for Derek in the months before the murders.

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Now he was thoroughly ashamed , but mother Megan is familiar with This is certainly a totally ordinary style of curiosity.

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