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Critical reaction to the comics, particularly their interior art, is mixed In 1981, Marvel Comics published a three-issue adaptation of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

He also argued "the parallel between the downfall of Atlantis and the downfall of the Nazi searchers is really well done".

There was "hell of a lot going on in" Thunder in the Orient, "but it's fairly easy to follow and the political connotations are very well documented".

The following month, an ongoing children's series entitled Indiana Jones Adventures began, which is modeled after Clone Wars Adventures.

The first volume, set in 1930, involves Norse mythology while Indiana travels to Sweden and Marrakech.

They acclaimed the rest of 2008's comics, (the first issue of Tomb of the Gods and volume one of Indiana Jones Adventures) particularly their art.

Today on the show, we talk about news stories from the past year that either interested us, made an impact on us, or just straight up disappointed us.A second volume of Indiana Jones Adventures was published in 2009.The four-issue Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods (written by Rob Williams and penciled by Steve Scott) was published between June 2008 and March 2009.The series is notable for having tried to develop its own continuity adding up original content and characters to pre-existing Indiana Jones mythology, with villains such as rival archeologist Ian Mc Iver and Ali Ben Ayoob, a levantine tycoon employing Ismaelite Assassins as agents.UGO Networks called Marvel's series "clunky" and said it "didn't have the best artwork in the world".Kevin Powers of Comics Bulletin gave Fate of Atlantis, Thunder in the Orient and Arms of Gold positive reviews.