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It’s Destiny’s Child’s ‘No, No, No (Part 2).’ Originally conceived as slow jam,…

Afterwards, they share their first kiss and enter into a relationship.

Dan's childhood friend Vanessa Abrams returns to town in The Handmaiden's Tale and Serena becomes jealous of their friendship, especially when she learns that they had feelings for each other at one point.

In the time jump in the series finale New York, I Love You XOXO Dan and Serena marry.

In the Gossip Girl series of books, Dan and Serena date very briefly but break up due to having nothing in common.

When someone, usually the woman, spends time researching sex, thinking it over, or talking about it with her intended partner, this somehow indicates She must be stalling, or at least hesitating, and this usually is enough for the couple to call a halt until they're "ready." On the other hand, when circumstances have put the two together with no warning, "ready" happens in about 30 seconds — just enough time to ask "Are you sure? What's implied is that the less conscious thinking about it, the better.

(Or perhaps all the thinking they've already done has only heightened their anticipation.) Happens in Soap Operas a lot.But before they can get to the show, they're called to Blair's party by Dan's sister Jenny Humphrey, who is attempting to fight off Chuck from raping her. In The Wild Brunch, Dan and Serena attend Bart Bass' annual charity fundraiser brunch together.At the brunch, Blair informs Dan that Serena slept with her boyfriend, Nate Archibald, before she ran away to boarding school.They had a brief conversation that led to Dan having a huge crush on Serena.In Pilot, they accidentally run into each other at the The Palace Hotel and upon returning her cell phone; Serena asks Dan on a date.Dan takes the opportunity to talk to Blair and they agree to be civil to one another.