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as on-air studio automation or live-assist playback system), or as an audio creation tool on a show’s production side.

You can use Mega Seg to generate a small playlist and scheduling files that reference larger media for live mixing, or record the final mix into a single audio file such as for an hour long podcast or show.

It’s always a good idea to have a safety net just in case, and keep a backup drive or i Pod with your music handy.

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Fewer tech issues and longer use — That’s money saved.

Also consider today’s Macs can boot Windows if needed.

Note the Nicecast encoder captures Mega Seg’s audio directly, while other encoders use an audio routing tool called Soundflower (free) or Loopback to direct Mega Seg’s audio to the encoder.

With Soundflower, open Mega Seg’s Settings Devices tab and change Playlist Output to “Soundflower (2ch)”, and do the same for the encoder’s audio input.

Finally, as with any major system upgrade, it’s wise to proceed with caution if you use your system in a “mission critical” situation.

For example, you should always perform a full system backup first and foremost.

There are many possible ways to go about producing a prerecorded show, and several hybrid variations.

For example, there’s the live or real-time approach (i.e.

However, to maintain full functionality you will need to stay on Sierra 10.12 or El Capitan 10.11 with i Tunes 12.7.1 or older, as an issue in High Sierra and i Tunes 12.7.2 has hampered full support of protected DRM music (m4p files).

We've reported this issue to Apple, and they will hopefully resolve the problem in a future system update.

Even if you lose that, our recovery system will get back up and running fast. We’ve had wonderful success with the stability of Mega Seg and mac OS.