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As with any new web technology, the question of browser support is often a determining factor for widespread use by web developers.

The good news is that the latest versions of the mobile web browsers support offline applications along with some very early releases of many desktop browsers.

The example in this article uses the Application Cache and Web Storage APIs together to build an application that works offline to store user information and automatically synchronize with the server when available.As stated above, an offline application is a packaged group of web pages, style sheets and/or scripts files that are saved on the user’s machine in the application cache.An offline application is a packaged group of web pages, style sheets, and/or scripts files that are reliably available to the client whether or not a web connection is present.Offline web applications are available through the new HTML Offline Web Application API, also known as HTML Application Cache.The modern web ecosystem is made up of many different types of scenarios of how users interact with online content.

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices along with countless hours at Starbucks and on airplanes, users may often find themselves in a position of wanting to use web content while not being able to enjoy reliable and continual access to the Internet.

A website that is not configured to operate in a disconnected state is unavailable in any form if an Internet connection is not available.

For instance, Figure 1 demonstrates the type of response you may encounter while trying to view working without an Internet connection.

The manifest is a simple text file that adheres to a few conventions as required by the Application Cache API.

A typical manifest file may resemble the following example: All files in the manifest are downloaded and stored in the application cache together.

The following explanation dissects the example line-by-line to help you fully understand the mechanics of the manifest file.