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Secure top and bottom sections of large orange pumpkin along back and sides with wood skewers. What you'll need: This brave lion only looks hard to make.

Use corn husk eyebrows, paper eyelashes, and carved mouths to add personality. For brows, wrap wet corn husk strips around pencil; let dry. With highlighter, draw curved line on white pumpkin for mouth; add half-circles below for teeth. While still damp, tear into different-width strips.First, make eyeballs out of radishes or turnips: Slice one side flat and insert bean or thumbtack pupils. Hollow tracings with a melon baller, then secure eyeballs inside with toothpicks. To make curly pieces, roll a few and secure with paper clips until dry.After rejecting all of his team’s ideas for a recent project, Pereira asked if they had anything else.One guy said, “Well, there’s one thing, but I thought it was stupid.” That’s when Pereira got excited—because the best ideas sometimes sound crazy.Then you can say, ‘Okay, that’s probably all the crap I had to get out of the way.'” It may sound exhausting, but it’s the only way to truly be original, he says.

“When you feel you’ve run dry, that’s when you’re actually ready.” For more helping coming up with brilliant ideas, here’s The Best Way to Double Your Productivity Every Single Day.

They had been working for a month on something special for Intel and Toshiba, but the clients kept raising objections. But instead of refining the existing ad, Pereira, 39, told the team to kill it.

“You have to be comfortable knowing that the same place that generated that amazing idea is capable of generating ideas that are even more amazing,” he says.

And this one, in fact, turned out to be a winner (he can’t reveal it just yet.) “You need a feeling of safety within your team, to say what you think is stupid,” he says.

Pereira & O’Dell has employees from at least 10 countries, and that’s no accident: Brazilian-born Pereira believes a diverse group brings diverse ideas.

Wrap ½-inch satin ribbon above hat brim and place on top of hair.